Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started (3)

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How Does Billing Work?
When you initially select a subscription, you will have a 2 week trial period. After that, you will be billed monthly. The 2 week trial does not apply if you change your subscription later.
Where Can I Get Help?
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General Questions (11)

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How Do I Cancel/Change My Subscription?
What is a queued shipment?
What are the Different Statuses?
Can I Create Accounts for my Employees?
What is a Vendor Template?
A vendor template is simply a way to save options for when you are creating a product from the same vendor, so you don't have to re-enter the same options every time. Options you can save are color, size, and whether to charge tax.
How do I Create a Shipment?
What is Splitting a Shipment?
What is Processing a Shipment?
What are Projections used for?
How do I Enter COGS?
How Does Open To Buy Work?
To view the Open To Buy report, click on Accounting->Open to Buy

The way Open to Buy works is as follows:

The first 5 tabs give you a total of styles,packs/pieces, and cost for the selected month based on current status.

The Styles tab gives you the total number of styles ordered in each category by day, week and month.

The Cost by Week tab gives daily,weekly, and monthly totals per category for the currently selected month. The charged field is used for a shipment if it is entered; otherwise the cost field is used. Pre-ordered totals are listed separately, but also included in all totals.